Jax Taylor admits the Show is ‘Very Written’

Vanderpump Rules resident bad boy Jax Taylor tried to blame the show for ‘excessive scripting’ as the real reason he walked away.

Jax Taylor, Vanderpump Rules resident bartender and villain, tried to blame the show on “very scripted“It seemed like the real reason he left. But fans saw his statement laughing, because almost everyone knew he was really fired.

With the release from the show, Taylor is said to also owe a lot of money to the United States government. Fans remember that he bought a $ 2 million Hollywood Hills mansion right next to both Tom and Kristen Doute. The star’s problematic behavior didn’t favor him, because his relationship with a conservative priest who spoke out against the LGBTQ + community was what he didn’t do. Taylor had a love -hate relationship with the rest of the cast, but most were happy to see him go and leave his sneak methods at the door. The network made the right call by not asking him back after making comments of racist and transphobic behavior.

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Taylor even tried to save face, as he said Every Week that the real reason he left the show was that he was “Masuko” how badly the franchise is scripted. The reality TV star goes on to tell readers that he knew it was time to leave the show after his eighth season because the story was starting to feel unnatural to him. Fans knew his whole charade was funny, especially calling him for his horrible behavior.

Taylor reveals that he really is “Check out” on the show saying, “It took a little script for me, and I couldn’t do it anymore. ”The 41-year-old revealed that it was no longer fun. Bravo’s fans called for him to be removed because of his bullying approach. In December, Taylor and his wife, Brittany Cartwright, both released the same social media posts about leaving the show. Even Lisa Vanderpump referred to them being released from the show.

Since leaving the show, the couple has enjoyed their son Cruz around the world and are looking forward to returning to Kentucky. While the model clarified that there was no way to film and care for the couple for their newborn, Bravo’s fans didn’t double down and knew everyone was releasing him from the show. The tide turns as Cartwright confronts the internet trolls who attack him for his weight gain. Right now. the Vanderpump Rules the star is already silent and waiting for the storms to disappear.

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