Jeffrey Dean Morgan Jokes Negan Could Be Seen Again After Walking Dead

Jeffrey Dean Morgan said fans could see even more of Negan being “on the line anywhere else” after The Walking Dead aired its final episode.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan says Negan’s story could continue afterwards The Walking Dead filmed its final episode. Morgan’s character and his iconic barbed-wire baseball bat, Lucille, were the main players from their introduction at the end of season 6, which led to the brutal deaths of Glenn and Abraham. Following the events of “All Out War,” the defeat of the Saviors, and Negan was sentenced to seven years in prison, the charismatic antagonist is in a redeemive arc; essentially redeeming himself for all but Maggie who, understandably, could not escape Glenn’s death.

on during the last 10, “Here’s Negan,” viewers pay attention to the long-awaited story of Negan’s origins featuring the late wife Lucille (played by Morgan’s real-life wife, Hilarie Burton). The episode centers on Lucille’s original battle with cancer and Negan’s struggle to get her to survive in a world that is post -apocalyptic. He later dies by suicide, his death driving Negan into his brutal, barbed-wire antics. “Here’s Negan” has proven to be even more popular and well-built for the fan-loved character because AMC has already felt the audience’s interest in other Negan-centered projects. With The Walking Dead24-episode finale season premiering in August, the network is preparing for life beyond the mainstream.

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In a conversation with CinePop, Morgan was asked about the missing The Walking Dead if after that. Since the actor lives / shoots in Georgia seven to eight months out of the year, he admits he misses it being a part of his life. However, Morgan seems to be optimistic about the possibility of continuing Negan’s story beyond season 11:

“It’s the end of Negan as we know him in The Walking Dead but we can see Negan on the line anywhere else.”

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This isn’t the first time Morgan has shown the possibility of having a Negan spinoff series – which isn’t a first for The Walking Dead universe The popularity of the show has already led to two spinoff series including Fear of the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: Fire in the World as well as the future Daryl and Carol spinoff and anthology series, Tales of the Walking Dead. On top of that, the future The Walking Dead The films, which explore the departure of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) from the series, immediately began filming. That said, all in The Walking DeadThe main players seem to be ready to “live” the final season of the show and Negan can be seen in any of the aforementioned projects.

The Walking DeadThe final arch, like the comic, can be seen facing up The Commonwealth. The series has a history of replacing stories and can do the same thing with Negan. At this point, Maggie wants Negan dead, and killing him seems like the right way to break her cultivated arch. However, instead of Maggie doing it, the writers may decide to give Negan Rick’s story from the comics. It will allow Negan to come out as a hero and fuel enthusiasm for a series / movie that explores much more of Negan’s backstory before meeting Rick’s group. Whether he lives or dies, many stories will come to an end when the end of the 2022 season ends.

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