Jeffrey Dean Morgan & Lauren Cohan Want to Play Batman & Joker At DCEU

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan have expressed their strong interest in portraying two of DC’s most legendary characters, Batman and Joker.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan Hopefully one day they will see Batman & Joker at DCEU. Famous comic book rivals have captivated audiences since 1940. Onscreen, they play some of the most popular names on offer in Hollywood. Morgan and Cohan hope to add themselves to this list.

The Walking Dead costars, Morgan and Cohan, may be known for trying to avoid zombies in a post-apocalyptic world, but they are no strangers to DCEU. The pair appeared onscreen while Martha and Thomas Wayne were on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Like other cinematic versions of the Batman story previously described, the unfortunate couple meets their demise in the presence of their son, a young Bruce Wayne.

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The characters of Morgan and Cohan may not survive the violent encounter, but the hope of stopping their duty continues to persist. These dreams are seen in a recent conversation with ComicBook. Read what Morgan has to say about their strong desire to play the roles below:

“I like it. I like it[buhaton kana]. Let it be said and known and documented. We both want it to happen, “Cohan said. Morgan added,” We, Lauren and I have been talking about that for years. I think he’s playing, I want to see his version come. You never know. True. You never know DC, but it’s all very kind of complicated inside Snyder-verse at all. Sadly, but Lauren and I clarified and we made it the current version as well. “

Lauren Cohan Batman vs. Superman

The version Morgan mentions is the Flashpoint comic series, which provides a way to resurrect Waynes, at least in some form. In this alternate timeline that is clearly different from the typical Batman origin story, the young Bruce Wayne becomes a victim of an ambush. A grieving Martha is surrounded by the death of her son and becomes Gotham’s Joker. Thomas Wayne Finally copes with events and becomes a vigilante fighting crime, Batman.

DC struggles to have a clearly defined timeline to follow. Many forms of Batman appears onscreen, but almost all descriptions are completely disconnected. Many are hoping that Justice League At the DCEU anchor, however, the fall of Zack Snyder created some skepticism. Even if there are many upcoming DCEU films announced, they will continue in a new direction without the director helping to shape the current story. Confirmed by the events of Loki, Phase 4 of the MCU will be centered on their multiverse version. If DCEU follows Marvel’s lead, they have a chance to bring a fresh take on the classic characters that are repeated over and over again to the point of exhaustion. Jeffrey Dean Morganni ug Lauren Cohanwilling to move on Plot in flashpoint on the big screen can be exactly what is needed to update the DCEU.

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