Jenn Wasner’s Flock of Dimes Drops New Song “Through Me”: Stream

Jenn Wasnerthe Flock of Seasons revealed the new single “Through You,” exclusively for Swim Singles Parents.

In the vamping ballad, the plucker writes the song his vocals to make adjustments to settle a pluck on a regular bass and guitar. “It’s hard / To be sunny / It’s wrong / to come back,” he primarily plays bluesy guitar solo.

“‘ Through Me ’is about losing sight of yourself in an attempt to find others,” Warner said in a statement, “rotating your view of reality until you’re not sure how to get back to the truth. ” Stream “Through Me” after the jump.

The new song arrives just six months after the Wye Oak member’s second solo album as Flock of Dimes, Head of Roses, released by the singer in April. There are intro singles “Two” and “Price in Blue,” the LP is the first full-length studio Wasner has built under his self-transformation since signing with Sub Pop Records surprisingly EP Like Many Desires last year.

Meanwhile, Wye Oak has released a new song “TNT” in May and announced the future Also issued on 10th anniversary on their third studio album civilian on Oct. 22. The duo paired the announcement in July with the lead single “Electricity.”

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