Jennifer Coolidge Reveals When She Will Return to White Lotus

there The White Lotus fans really saw the end of Jennifer CoolidgeAsking?

After his behavior met a terrible fate in the show’s season two finale, Jennifer—who just scored a Golden Globe and Critics’ Choice Award for her role as Tanya in HBO series—weighed in on whether he thought the show’s creator Mike White bring Tanya back from the dead for a third season.

“He sort of sticks to his guns,” Jennifer revealed exclusively in the January 17 episode of AND! NEwS. “He’s a wonderful friend, but I think he made his decision. He wanted a big, dramatic, Italian, you know, operatic ending for White Lotus 2and he wants to sacrifice Tanya.”

But to Jennifer Shotgun Wedding co-star Steve Coulter there’s the perfect solution to bring a fan-favorite character back to the small screen: “Flashback.”

While Tanya’s fate seems sealed, fans of the 61-year-old may see another of her iconic characters return: dog (and hot dog)-loving manicurist Paulette Parcelle from on Legally Blonde.

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