Jennifer Garner Focuses on Her Children Between Ben Affleck and J.Lo Reunion

Even before the duo for a while also merged in late April and headed to Montana, their chemical not on the chart clearly in April’s talk InStyle with Jennifer, where celebs like BFF Leah Remini |, ex-bana Marc Anthony and even Michelle Obama | also chimed in on the megastar.

When asked about the famous “J.Lo glow” the Batman V Superman The actor said, “Why do you look the same as you did in 2003 and look like I’m about 40… at best?” to J.Lo’s response, “Ben’s funny! He still looks good.”

Aside from the comedies, Ben praised the Bronx native for his unique ambition and ever-changing career.

“I thought I had good work ethic, but I was completely humbled and estranged from what he was committed to doing every day,” he said. “The seriousness with which he takes his work, the calm and dedicated way in which he succeeds in achieving his goals, and how he goes back and redoubles his efforts.

“He remains, to this day, the best person I’ve seen in this business,” he continues. “He has great talent, but he also works for his success, and I’m so happy for him that in the end, he gets the credit he deserves.”

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