Jennifer Lafleur and Aparna Nancherla in Love & Lizards

ComingSoon Editor-in-Chief Tyler Treese talks to The Three star Jennifer Lafleur and Aparna Nancherla about the hilarious Hulu comedy, which is now streaming. The couple talked about their character dynamic and the many aspects of Peggy and Mia’s long-distance marriage.

“Lex (Anna Konkle) and Mani (Jermaine Fowler) are a happily married young couple, running their dream artisanal bakery in Los Angeles and eager to start a family. A trip to to a tropical island resort for a friend’s destination wedding, coinciding with Lex’s ovulation cycle, feels like the perfect opportunity to conceive,” says the synopsis. “But good vibes and high hopes interrupted when, shortly after their arrival in paradise, Lex accidentally drops his friend’s baby in front of all their friends. Paradise becomes purgatory for our couple as reprimands, passive attacks, and old wounds begin to fester at the island reunion and throw Mani and Lex’s future into deep uncertainty.”

Tyler Treese: Jennifer, one of the fun aspects to see play out within The Drop is that we see two different types of parenting on display. How much fun is it to be apart from each other? Because there’s that great exchange where you talk about Mia adding The Joe Rogan Experience to Spotify and you’re like, “Motherhood has really changed you.” That should be fun to play because the characters diverge even in love.

Jennifer Lafleur: Absolutely. I mean, we were there on the trip to get married and yet maybe the most in the history of our relationship, not quite fully aligned. I think for Peggy, especially considering their baby went down and it’s just going to make Mia even further down this crazy path that she’s starting to go down. I think it’s really important for Peggy to just keep everything, keep everything calm, keep everything focused, and more than anyone else, she’s focused on Mia. This is not Peggy’s friend group. Mia and Ani are the only ones he really cares about and everyone can deal with their stupid things. But I can focus on my wife and my baby for sure.

Aparna, your behavior is very protective after becoming a mother. What did you find most interesting about that game? Because it leads to a great joke. I was in stitches when you yelled, “You know what? I’m a libertarian.” That was a great line.

Aparna Nancherla: Well, I think what really interests me about the character is how she does a 180 with her own values ​​after becoming a mother. As ever, he is a diehard liberal. Then a little bit he started to go to more right views and it really interested me, like inside what can change a person and the fact that the incident is the child that was dropped fed the his growing paranoia and suspicion about the world being a dangerous and untrustworthy place. So I think having permission as a character to be like, “Yeah, I’m right. Like, my paranoia is confirmed and I’m allowed to behave like a[n] useless person.”

Jennifer, you had a great interaction with Elisha Henig. In the film, he is this teenage anti-masturbation advocate. How is it working with him? Because I think he looks like a scene stealer and has a very bright future.

Jennifer Lafleur: Yes, he is really funny. That scene we had together where I put the boy in and he came in to talk to me about some things in the teenage boy’s body. He is very funny and very natural and good. Your background photo from that rehearsal dinner reminds me of when we were filming. Out of nowhere, suddenly, a salamander – like a small lizard – fell from the ceiling straight into his hair and crawled on his head. I don’t think we could use it for film because the camera was on the wrong side, so you couldn’t see it. But it was so funny, and the way he took it all in stride was so funny. I think you are right, I think he has a bright future.

Aparna, I want to ask you about the rehearsal dinner scene because it was such a disaster. What are your favorite memories from shooting that?

Aparna Nancherla: Yeah, I mean I think it proves what a great cast it is because everyone is really good and hilarious. If you have to do these group scenes, you can only – in addition to going on your character’s journey – enjoy watching other people perform. Like Robin [Thede] performing her one-woman show excerpt. I feel very lucky because I can look after these people in my downtime and I can do it for work. So this is the best.

Jennifer, I love that after all the jokes and mishaps, you two had a really beautiful wedding ceremony. How is it exchanging vows and actually playing a scene straight because it’s so cool?

Jennifer Lafleur: Nice. I love that scene. You really see the depth of emotion and love between Mia and Peggy and the real reason they are all there. I just thought it was really cool. I think Sarah wrote those vows and she said just say them like you would say them to your real life partner. That really helps to dig deeper into the words and what they really mean to them. It was great. I mean, it’s also the most amazing location you can imagine. So it’s very unusual.

Aparna Nancherla: We shot that scene. So it seems like we started out nice and then it seems like it spiraled. That was the opposite of the movie.

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