Jennifer Stone Recalls “Date” With Co-Star Austin Butler

All is not what it seems when it comes to dating on set Wizards of Waverly Place.

Indeed, it seems Magicians alum Jennifer Stone revealed by Wizards of Waverly Pod podcasthe has a crush on “every one” of the co-star Selena GomezThe onscreen love interests of, and even semi-dated one of—Austin Butler.

After the podcast co-host and Magicians co-star David DeLuise She shared that she went on an outing with a cast member who may not know “it’s a date,” Jennifer said, “I have something like Austin Butler, I’m not going to lie.” He recalled the episode of February 20, “But he liked to come home and we went somewhere to get snacks and things.”

When David asked if the outing had “Netflix and chill” vibes, Jennifer replied, “sort of, but not for her.”

She added, “That’s not for him at all,” suggesting that Austin may not have thought of it as a date.

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