Jesse Palmer Looks Like Chris Harrison’s Playful Fun

Jesse Palmer naa sa joke.

The BachelorThe 26th season premiere on January 3 is historic, as it marks the first season without a long host. Chris Harrison. But, Palmer, former Bachelor himself, seems ready and willing to join the hosting gig for hit ABC. In fact, during his introduction, Palmer seemed to mock what he followed by playfully calling out some of Harrison’s favorite phrases.

“The bachelor’s name is Clayton Echard and he’s one of the most sincere guys on this show, ”he said The Bachelor camera. “And I’m willing to do everything I can to help Clayton find his soulmate. In addition, I also spend a lot of time practicing saying things like, ‘Amazing’ or ‘Incredible . ‘ Also, ‘Dramatic.’ So maybe, maybe, I can get it. “

While Palmer didn’t name Harrison, the quip was a subtle shout out to the former host, as he wanted to call each season “the most dramatic time ever.”

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