JID’s ‘Surround Sound’ Is Our Rap Song of the Week

Every Friday, our new music feature Rap Song of the Week ruined the important hip-hop tracks you need to hear. View the entire playlist HERE. This week, JID recruited 21 Savage and Baby Tate for “Surround Sound.”

For the past few years, it has felt like Dreamville JID is in the abyss of stardom. His last album, 2018’s DiCaprio 2, produced a pair of Gold singles, and his performances in “Down Bad” and “Costa Rica” (from the compilation Revenge of the Dreamers III) showed off his skill at making an attractive hook while still being an explosive, technically talented rapper. Among a stacked roster of MCs, the JID is very high.

2022 is shaping up to be class of the year that will take the Atlanta spitter to the next level. JID’s the easily visible third line of the poster for her Coachella’s debut, and scored a crossover hit thanks to his Imagine Dragons collaboration, “Enemy,” that didn’t dampen his rhymes. That brings us to “Surround Sound” with 21 Savage, his biggest collaboration to date other than Dreamville honcho J. Cole. After dropping Yung from his name, Baby Tate also joined the ride, contributing to the bridge.

Expectations for the track were set high from the start of an Aretha Franklin sample (“One Step Ahead,” previously rejected by Mos Def’s “Ms. Fat Booty”). Like his labelmates EARTHGANG, JID accepted the challenge through a chorus in which he boasted, “Put a rap on my back and I’m Black and grab the crowns.” He goes on to put on a verse with a double entender and multisyllabic line before passing the mic to 21 Savage, whose lyrics are often overlooked by Dreamville fans.

Not many of his peers are comfortable mixing gun talk to make good financial decisions, but 21 makes it easy. “That day, I invested in the block,” he raps. “Fast forward, now I’m investing in stocks/ I’m putting a drum on Heckler and Koch/ Don’t play because I’m investing too much in shots.”

When you think “Surround Sound” is over, the beat will move and the JID will release a verse that will shake the chest. “Give me a joke, did the n **** hear you say that next? No, no, no, “he scoffed.” I’m the best, tell them bitches to stop the motherfuckin ‘press/ Press stop, fuck a Top 5 list. “

JID has been waiting a long time The Story of Eternity It’s expected to go down this year, and we can’t wait any longer.

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