John Mayer and Cazzie David Found Together in LA

John Mayer and Cazzie david enjoyed a night out in Los Angeles this week.

On Saturday, May 1, singer “Gravity” and comedian were spotted having dinner together at sushi restaurant Katsuya in Studio City. One source told E! News that they believe there is no romantic on this outing and John is single.

This isn’t the first time they’ve been John and Cazzie, who Larry Daviddaughter and previously dated Saturday Night Livethe Pete Davidson, seen hanging. In fact, the friend seems to have been friends for a while. In October 2018, Cazzie appeared on John’s unofficial Instagram live show Current Mood, where he slaughtered her on various TMI topics — like when she masturbated to her own music. (As he does not.)

She also opened up about her dating life, and how she was widely rejected for what she called “PR poison” for celebrities.

“I think people have no idea what they like,‘ I snagged John Mayer, ’” he explains. (And yes, he said it ago Jessica Simpson released details about their relationship of what he had just said Open Book.)

He also confirmed if Cazzie asked for time he would actually play his music for dates.

“If after a show and a girl asks me to sing‘ Your Body is a Wonderland, ’do you want to be the kind of guy to go,‘ No, ’or do you want to be kind of guy like, ‘We’ve arrived this afternoon …?’ “He replied. “You want to play.”

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