John Walker’s Sister Revealed As Her Reality

John Walker, the USAgent, faces real bad enemies, but probably none more so than Kate, her own sister, who has received power upgrades!

Spoilers for John Walker: The USAgent # 5 ahead!

the USAgent, John Walker’s, true nemesis revealed; his own sister! Although he was not shown at the MCU The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, John Walker’s sister played an important role in the comics, and her shocking plan was only revealed in a new comic.

Created by writer Mark Gruenwald and artist Paul Neary, There’s John Walker several different recognitions over the years In a short time, John Walker replaced Steve Rogers as Captain America after Red Skull manipulated public opinion against him. Unlike Rogers, John Walker was more nationalistic and rigid in his thinking, and ultimately proved unstable and unworthy of calling himself Captain America. He later became USAgent, an identity he has held ever since. Just now, Walker learns that he has been replaced as USAgent by a new man named April Manning, a woman related to USAgent’s sister Kate. Like her brother, Kate wants to help America, and it’s free to those who try to destroy it, but her plan to solve it involves destruction and murder. Specifically, Kate wants to be resurrected the American Kaiju program, a failed attempt to duplicate Super Solider Serum.

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Now, John Walker: The USAgent # 5 from writer Christopher Priest, actor Georges Jeanty, inker Karl Story, colorist Matt Milla, and letter writer Joe Sabino, saw USAgent make his final stand against his successor. As the two fight, USAgent vows that he will pay April Manning for what he did to his brother, but then Manning drops a bombshell on him: the whole plan is Kate’s idea. His ultra-patriotic way of thinking has become more disgusting and distorted than his brother’s, and now the innocent will pay the price. However, one of the kaiju he released crashed into his heli-carrier, and in confusion. Manning shot Kate, killing her as the heli-carrier crashed to the ground. USAgent can do it right away to defeat Manning and reclaim his title.

USAgent and his sister are two peas from the same pod – both committed to the concepts of duty and country, and both make this philosophy. The main difference between the two is USAgent suppressed his sights in the years that his brother was absent, and increasingly open -minded. His death serves as a reminder to USAgent of what can happen when values ​​become evil and crooked.

The USAgent facing many threats in America, and in John Walker: USAgent # 5, she faces one of the most pathetic: her own sister. He seeks to replace his brother, but in the end, falls victim to his own poisonous ideology.

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