Jojo Siwa shares how he related to Britney Spears After “Difficult” Yesterday

JoJo Siwa shows his own way as a child star while paying tribute to that path Britney Spears formerly burning.

On Monday, October 4, Dancing With The Stars celebrated “Britney Night,” where each competition featured a different Britney song. The special night was joined by fans of the 39-year-old pop star who rallied behind the so-called #FreeBritney movement in hopes of seeing her break free from him. conservatorship that dates back to 2008.

“I love Britney,” JoJo said to the camera in another recorded episode. “Britney is a legend. An icon. A ball of talent and shines with energy. She’s a genius. She just has a way of being herself, almost like everyone else does.”

The 18-year-old Dancing Moms The alum went on to say that he connected with Britney “on many different levels,” given that they both started the industry at a young age and tried out music and film projects. During the stage, JoJo danced the tango to “… Baby One More Time” with the partner Jenna Johnson.

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