Joker: Why Didn’t Arthur Fleck Kill Sophie

Joker leaves a lot of questions, including whether Arthur killed Sophie or not. Now that it has been confirmed that he is gone, this is why he released her.

One of Todd Phillips ’biggest questions Joker Viewers are left wondering whether or not Arthur killed his neighbor, Sophie-and if not, why didn’t he? As superheroes continue to dominate the film industry, movie -centered counter -heroes and villains have also taken their place – albeit with nothing as successful as 2019’s. Joker. The DC origin story offers a newly created version of the most famous villain in the Batman series.

Joker introduced by Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck, a stand-up comedian who returns to a life of crime in Gotham City after being repeatedly rejected by society. It also addresses themes such as mental health, gun control, class diversity, abuse, and the influence of social media. Of course, this also means that the piece has a much darker tone than many other comic book character -based films. Joker surrounded by controversy, even before it was released. Theaters around the world have taken special steps to ensure everyone’s safety, even though all the buzz only led to the film’s box office success. Joker it was well received by its audience and has been a major topic of discussion since it hit the big screen, mostly because of all its vague and unresolved elements.


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Among these is the fate of Sophie (Zazie Beetz), Arthur’s neighbor who is believed (by his character and audiences) to have a relationship with him for a good piece of the film. One of the biggest twists of the story is to reveal some aspects of Arthur’s life that are in his head, including his romance with her. The two interacted in the elevator earlier, but all after that about Arthur’s imagination inside Joker; it will never happen. This was revealed when he entered Sophie’s apartment without being notified. Her reaction was one of fear, and she approached him with caution. Arthur then leaves, and Sophie never shows up again. For a moment, fans wondered whether or not the anti-hero would kill his neighbor or not.

A Joker Deleted Scene Reveals Arthur Fleck Didn’t Kill Sophie

Joker Arthur and Sophie walking down the street

After Todd Phillips said the thing himself and the official script of the film was released online in 2019, it was eventually confirmed that Arthur didn’t kill Sophie Joker. Fortunately, his character initially has to reappear in a deleted scene where he sees Arthur’s killer appearance in Living With Murray Franklin. She and her daughter are written to respond to the events of the stage and its consequences with horror as they watch it on TV.

Why Arthur Fleck Didn’t Kill Sophie With The Joker

Joker Sophie Dumond smiled

Even if he and his behavior are severely disturbed throughout Joker, the multiple murders of Arthur Fleck not as random as they think. In the violence he uses (although it is unreasonable), there are a number of beaten attempts to end a normal life within society and even mark in a sick way. To date, his first three victims have been drunken Wayne Enterprises businessmen who harassed and beat the protagonist on the subway. Later, when he learned the truth about his mother and their horrible past, he killed her in the hospital. And while preparing for Murray’s show, he killed his former co -worker, Randall. While Arthur rescues his other former partner, Gary (who was with Randall when he was killed), the latter character is likely killed for his part in Arthur’s dismissal. Although alarming, these examples make “logical” meaning from the point of view of It’s a joker bad main character.

Also, the way Arthur saved Gary (even saying the word he did because the man always treated him well), is the other half of the equation of why he let Sophie live. She was kind to him in the elevator, and he even treated her with respect and offered to help her if she was afraid to show up at her apartment. Unlike many other people in her life, Sophie’s behavior towards Arthur was never bad or wrong. For this simple reason, like Gary, Arthur keeps his neighbor alive.

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Why Todd Phillips cut Sophie’s Scene in the Joker

This is an interesting creative choice to skip Joker movie scene which testifies to Sophie’s salvation after her shattering illusion of Arthur’s association with her sin. According to a 2019 article from IGN, “Phillips notices that he cuts off Sophie’s reaction especially because it breaks with the film’s motive of always hiding things from Arthur’s view. It would have been a moment away from Arthur and away from the people who were directly associated with him. “

This is very true: It’s a joker The story is about Arthur Fleck and his own subjective experiences, no matter how unreliable and/or dreamy they are. In fact, since its release, there has been a fair amount of debate about what done actually happened in the film. In fact, if Arthur’s whole relationship with Sophie is a fantasy, some of Joker can be seen objectively as true or true? Of course, finding that answer isn’t the point of the piece – which is why Todd Phillipps finally decided to cut the scene proving that Arthur didn’t kill Sophie. It is better to choose to keep the former character as the center; Proving his neighbor’s well -being when he is no longer involved in his story can make that a little confusing.

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