Jon Bernthal Loses 30 Pounds Training For The Role Of King Richard

Jon Bernthal revealed that he lost 30 pounds while learning how to play tennis and training for his role as tennis coach, Rick Macci, at King Richard.

Richard’s day star, Jon Bernthal, revealed that he lost 30 pounds learning to play tennis in preparation for his role as tennis coach, Rick Macci. Bernthal is an American actor best known for his roles in The Walking Dead, Daredevil, ug The punisher. He first gained fame in the 2000s in his role as Shane Walsh The Walking Dead. Her breakthrough role came in 2016 when she was portraying The Punisher in Marvel’s Daredevil, a role he will return to for his solo series, The punisher, in 2017. Viewers are still hoping that Bernthal can still return to his role as The Punisher once again on MCU.


So far, however, Bernthal has landed a different role in the film Richard’s day. The biographical drama film, released on November 19, 2021, follows Richard Williams ’relentless dream and efforts to make his two daughters, Venus and Serena, the best tennis players in the world. Bernthal stars as a Macci, the legendary American tennis coach and player, who coaches five number one ranked tennis players, including Serena and Venus. Bernthal’s role in Richard’s day requires a little training to do Macci’s tennis skill justice.

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In an interview with THR, Bernthal revealed he lost 30 pounds playing tennis while training for his Richard’s day paper. Bernthal admits he knew very little about tennis when he first landed the role. However, he holds great respect for Macci and believes it is very important to make a game film accurate. To prepare for his assignment, he trained at an Ojai academy for 3 hours a day, losing 30 pounds in the process. He also got the opportunity to train with a real -life Junior National Player, Kamea Medora, while in character. When the pandemic shut down production, Bernthal took the opportunity to put in another six months into his training. See his statement below:

I’m so excited to channel you, man. I believe in the way you manage your life. It was a joy for me to play such a happy person. I’ve played sports my whole life. I didn’t know much about tennis when this thing started. But I’m a firm believer that if you’re going to make a game movie, you have to get the game right. I find it disrespectful when movies don’t do that. I am so thankful to the producers who gave me the infrastructure to really learn the game of tennis. I train at an academy here in Ojai for three hours a day. I lost 30 pounds. I will learn the game of tennis, but I will also learn how to coach. I worked with a top 50 junior nationals player named Kamea Medora, who was very good, and I trained him in character. To be able to do the exercises and be able to coach the character, I felt like after entering, I was in a good place. The other thing is, Rick – I mean, apart from the incredible sexiness and beauty of the mustache, and your overall thing that you keep up with – there’s more than one of the most unique voices and dialects and patterns of speech. to anyone I know. heard. That’s something I want to be right … but the thing I feel most interested in is your heart. Your heart, loves these two young women, loves this family, wants to be a part of this mission. and [having production] closed for six months [during the pandemic] I was given another six months to continue preparing, to keep playing, to keep training.

Will Smith to King Richard.

Bernthal is not the only one who has to go through intense training for his role Richard’s day. Saniyya Sidney and Demi Singleton portraying Venus and Serena, in fact, had never played tennis before their roles. Their roles are as follows Serena and Venus need many hours of intense training to make an accurate description of the sport. As Bernthal points out, however, if a biographic sports film is to be made, it should be as close to the real deal as possible. Fortunately, all of the actors and actresses seem to show exceptional work ethic to truly learn and love the game as much as their characters do. Bernthal especially tried to accept the heart and joy shown by Macci, which made him a beloved coach.

Richard’s day has received an extremely positive reception from critics since its release. The film has received praise for its overall introduction to warmth and emphasis on the power of determination and faith. Critics especially praised the performances of artists and actors across the board. Will Smith especially shines as the father of Venus and Serena and sparked conversation about a potential Oscar nomination. However, while Smith, Sidney, and Singleton certainly give strange performances, Bernthal’s story shows that it was a combined effort from all the cast and crew that gave life to the film. These actors and actresses seem to be more deliberately designed to capture the heart and joy of the game, using hours of their time each day to figure out the ins and outs of tennis. Lots of by King Richard The success comes from the cast putting their whole heart into their characters to do justice to the real life figures.

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