Jon Bernthal to Reprise Punisher Role in Daredevil: Reborn

Jon Bernthal is on the road to revenge again.

The actor will reprise his role as the Punisher—aka Frank Castle—in The upcoming series on Disney + Daredevil: Rebornaccording to The Hollywood Reporter. He previously starred as a violent vigilante in the second season of The Netflix presuming before being taken his own spinoff.

Bernthal’s casting helps to explain eyebrow raising comment made by Rosario Dawson—who appeared as Claire Temple in presuming and later reprized the role of Jessica Jones and Iron fist.

“I found out yesterday The punisher happened again so I feel like it’s my second chance,” Dawson said at an appearance at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo Aug. everybody’s doing it collectively, guys.”

Later that day, Dawson realized the error of his waystweeted, “I can’t be trusted…! Getting intel from fans during signings is so obvious. My bad. I’m happy. Confirmation is important when you’re being told what you want to hear…”

So, while an appearance in a Punisher series isn’t in the cards—at least for now—there’s still room for his character to confront Castle in Born Again.

Hey, a wonders fan can dream.

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