Jordan Peele “Creepily” bought Corey Feldman’s Stand by Me Ear

Jordan Peele opened up about his recent friendship with Corey Feldman during his appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Thursday, revealing that he was such a fan of the actor that he was “so scared” that he bought the prosthetic ear that Feldman was wearing. Stand by Me when it is put up for auction.

“I’m happy to count him as a friend,” Peele said of working with the former teen idol for an upcoming film series at Lincoln Center in New York City. “There was one thing where he auctioned off the ear he wore as Teddy Stand by Me and I think I’m very scary bought. Saying it out loud, I realized how creepy it was. That’s not something you should share.”

However, Feldman was delighted to learn that Peele bought the ear when it was auctioned off as a “hybrid NFT” in October 2021. “At the end of this thing, I mentioned it to him and he was like, ‘Wait, you’re the ear?'” Peele recalled. “I was like, ‘Yeah’ and he was like, ‘Man, I’m so glad it was you.'”

The Peele-curated “The Lost Rider: A Chronicle of Hollywood Sacrifice” Takes place from January 5th to the 14th and features films including Peele’s not and two movies starring Feldman: Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter and Stand by Me. However, Peele seems most excited about screening Feldman’s unreleased film The Birthdaywhich he describes as “a full experience of ‘what I see’.”

In August of last year, Feldman sat down with consequences for three parts interviews where he reflected on the 35th anniversary of The Lost Men and accused Marilyn Manson of sabotaging his 2017 tour.

In addition to directing and writing critically acclaimed not last year, Peele starred in Henry Selick’s animated Netflix film Wendell and Wild.

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