Juliana Claps Back At Fan Calling Her A Wannabe Model

Juliana Custodio received praise after her breakup with Michael Jessen in 90 Day Fiancé. However, critics still think he was a gold digger.

90 Day Bride Season 7 star Juliana Custodio has faced fans calling her a wannabe model and gold digger amid her breakup with Michael Jessen. The young Brazilian beauty Juliana made her debut in season 7 and went through a series of ups and downs before getting married to Michael on October 12, 2019. Two years later, Michael revealed that they parted on their anniversary and meant to Juliana already has a new boyfriend. However, Juliana criticized Michael’s statement by revealing that she was living the life of an American virgin after becoming a successful model in Europe.

In his controversial announcement about their reunion with Juliana, Michael said the couple’s pandemic situation was completely discouraging to him. He admits that he didn’t blame Juliana that he wanted to leave her to follow his dreams and their 90 Day Bride the marriage fell victim to the pandemic. Juliana, on the other hand, set the record straight in her statement, proving that she still believes in her iconic line, ”the men I cannot control.“A lot 90 Day Bride fans and co-stars applauded Juliana for becoming independent and managing things well at the age of 23.

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In his tell-all Instagram post that has already been deleted, Juliana also wrote that she left her life and career in Europe to live with Michael because she loved him. Juliana is now in Germany and she is happy with a new phase in her life. Kang Juliana 90 Day Fiancé Friend Fernanda Flores showed support by writing, “It makes me so happy! Good for you lovekeep it 🆙💪🏼 ”However, a fan accused Juliana of running away after Michael ran out of money. Another fan added, “He has no money … except for his own, “and”she’s a ‘wannabe’ model… not a model. ” This is when Juliana, who also owns her fashion store, applauded the critic back by asking them at Google some of his work since 2016 if they felt he was a wannabe model.

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That was the first time I moved to Europe. God bless you, ”Juliana added. He punched the hater as he wrote that he didn’t bother wasting his time and energy on people posting rude comments like them. In the first few stages of 90 Day Bride season 7, Michael and Juliana refused against prostitution when she had difficulty getting a visa. Juliana was revealed to have been a victim of exploitation and after trafficking as a child. He worked in a sweatshop when he was 8 and was deported to China when he didn’t know English. TLC star Juliana was also kidnapped by her agency, asked to lose weight, and slog three jobs per day for a month, without any pay.

However, even before she met Michael on the yacht in Croatia, Juliana made a name for herself and achieved success professionally and personally. She was a successful model in Europe, had two businesses, wanted to be a doctor, and supported her whole family. Sadly, in her response to Michael’s anniversary post, Juliana confessed that she helped Michael, his ex -wife Sara, their children Max and Cece, and Sara’s husband Sean during the financial crisis. COVID-19. Juliana only works at home but is also raised as a family helper. Thus, 90 Day Bride the viewers called Juliana is a gold digger or a fake model there is no standard, even if the story line of the show can be suggested differently.

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