Justin Bieber sends Victoria Beckham Crocs and Her Reaction Is Nothing

Posh at Crocs? That would be a major fashion statement.

Victoria Beckham can’t stop laughing afterwards Justin Bieber sent him a strange pair of shoes. the Spice Girls the star took him Instagram story on April 27 to showcase the lilac Crocs he received for the singer. “A lot of people ask me what I plan to wear after the lockdown,” he wrote to his 28.9 million followers. “What do we think about this proposal from @justinbieber?”

The fashion designer immediately gave fans a closer look at the shoe, with a variety of charms, from Justin’s Drew House collab. “OK I’m so much like Justin to send me Crocs,” Victoria said SAYS. “Never wore a pair of Crocs. It made me laugh, I mean, it’s the thought that matters. Thank you so much.”

The mother of four continues to watch that she is not sure what to say about the slipper, but she thanks the “Anyone” artist for the gift. Victoria also posted a poll, asking fans, “Should I wear lilac crocs ?!” He also said he “can’t wait” to see the consequences.

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