Kacey Musgraves Reveals “Sexiest” Thing About Boyfriend Cole Schafer

Kacey Musgraves celebrating the boyfriend Cole Schafergolden hour.

The “Rainbow” singer penned a sweet tribute to the writer on January 5 in honor of his birthdaycalling him “the brightest flame in my world.”

Along with the photos of the couple, one of them is a black-and-white snap of Kacey kissing her man’s cheekthe country music star wrote on Instagram“I love you, @cole_schafer. You are a fixture in the lives of all the people who are lucky enough to know you.”

Kacey listed all the reasons she was “grateful” for Cole, including “the laughs and the adventures, the deep talks, the ego checks, the sage advice, the kisses on the forehead, the books that you recommend, your late night ‘oh I just whipped this up’ and somehow it’s very delicious pasta (like a real Michelin star) situations, the beautiful way you observe the world and in the words that follow.”

He added, “And often your shameless, full throttle vulnerability is easily the sexiest thing about you. I can’t wait to see what this year brings you.”

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