Kanye Reportedly Feels Disrespectful to Kim and Pete’s Vacation Place

Kanye West reportedly felt disrespectful to his estranged wife Kim Kardashian who chose the venue for their first Pete Davidson vacation.

Continuing with the Kardashians Alum Kim Kardashian and her new sweetheart comedian Pete Davidson decided to have a romantic time together in the Bahamas, but her estranged husband Kanye West reportedly didn’t like it. Although Kim and Pete now enjoy their time together, the couple started the year apart doing different things. While the comedian is already preparing to go on stage in Miami for a New Year’s Eve party for NBC and Peacock, Kim is reportedly spending time taking care of her and her four children. Kanye.

It was later revealed that the founder of SKIMS was very keen to be with Pete and support him at the New Year’s Eve event, which he co-hosted with Miley Cyrus. However, Kanye thwarted his initial plans. After the Miami event, Kim’s disappearance raised many speculations, which were later answered. According to reports, Kim had to cancel her trip to Maimi and stay with her children North, Chicago Saint, and Psalm because their father Kanye said he would not be available. Later, reports also came out that Kanye, who was also in Miami for the new year, was intentionally unavailable to keep Kim away from her new lover.


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It’s no secret that Kanye has made many attempts to bring back the mother of his four children to no avail. Kim also made it clear that she would never get back at him and she didn’t stop to show off her new found romance with Pete. Kim and Pete have been trending in the tabloids for a few months now. Despite not spending the new year together, the couple also made headlines on their recent vacation in the Bahamas. But, while Kim and Pete undoubtedly had a great time in each other’s company, Kanye seems to have a problem with their vacation location. A source revealed the HollywoodLife, “Kanye doesn’t understand why Kim would take Pete to Baker’s Bay in the Bahamas for their first vacation together.”

The source added, “Honestly, it feels disrespectful to Kanye because that’s actually where he took Kanye to celebrate his 40th birthday a few years ago. Kim rented the whole island for him so it was clearly a special place in his heart. “ The source also said that Kim’s actions only tarnished Kanye’s memories of Baker’s Bay, and the Yeezy designer couldn’t help but get upset even as he tried to move on from him and reportedly had an affair with actress Julia. Fox, 31.

No doubt fans of Continuing with the Kardashians alum Kim and Pete were thrilled the two finally spent some quality time together after the start of the year. However, even though the lovebirds had a good time enjoying their vacation in the Bahamas, Kanye turned out not to be impressed. One can understand Kanye’s point of view as he sees Barker’s Bay as a special place for him and Kim. However, he needs to understand that times have changed and needs to move on from the past. It’s also good that Kanye and Kim are with their new lovers. Fans can only hope that they will continue to do so without any complications.

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Source: HollywoodLife

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