Kanye West And Julia Fox Seen Kissing On Date Night

Kanye West and Julia Fox were spotted sharing a kiss on their recent date after Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson were on the new cozy display.

After several failed attempts to get his estranged wife and Continuing with the Kardashians Alum Kim Kardashian back, Kanye West seems to finally move on with actress Julia Fox whom he kissed during their most recent date. It comes a few days after ex Kim Kardashian who was both basking in her beautiful relationship with new beauty Pete Davidson, revealed that she doesn’t care about Kanye being with Julia. In fact, the founder of SKIMS was reportedly delighted that Kanye came out smiling.

Reports have also revealed that Kim just wants to see Kanye have a good partner. Plus, he’s happy with Julia, who doesn’t hide who she is fan of Kim’s family’s reality TV show. If Julia’s relationship with Kanye continues, Kim believes it will be easier to co-parenting with Kanye. It also turns out that Kim is looking forward to having a big happy family. However, while Kanye and Julia were dating, Kim was also seen with comedian Pete. The two were recently spotted hugging while grabbing pizza and ice cream on Tuesday night at Rite Aid.


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Kim and Pete’s new PDA quickly went viral, and Kanye has undoubtedly seen the duo’s public appearance, which could lead to his bold move to actress Julia. The rapper seems to be explaining that he finally ended up asking Kim to come back to him as such he showed Julia’s PDA Shortly after his estranged wife and Pete found themselves comfortable on a date night. According to TMZ, rapper “Flashing Lights” and Julia visited Delilah in West Hollywood with some of her famous friends. After the two were at the club and ready to leave, Kanye gave Julia a big kiss on his lips.

This is not the first time Kanye and Julia have shown their affection in public. On their first date, the couple made a complete photo collage of each other. However, their new PDA got a lot of people talking because it was the first time the hip-hop star and Julia had kissed in public. On the other hand, Kanye’s new move has also sparked speculation as to whether Julia actually hurt him or just kissed him to get back at Kim. pleased Pete.

Even if Kanye finally moves away from Kim, his association with Julia could be a plan to get the Continuing with the Kardashians alum’s attention. If that’s the case, then you shouldn’t expect a serious relationship between them and Julia. However, if Kanye really loves Julia and wants to have a relationship with her, one can only ask what will happen in the end. If Kim’s reported words are about not thinking that Kanye and Julia will be together, then there’s no possibility that there will be a problem going on. Fans can just watch and wait for new developments to happen to get a clearer picture.

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Source: TMZ

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