Kanye West Breaks Silence Over Alleged Battery Incident

He continued, “Look, man, I love the paparazzi. I love the press, I love the media, everything.

“It’s the same with the paparazzi, it’s not a fan,” Ye said of the alleged autograph seeker. “It’s someone who uses your image, who probably never listened to your songs, is like, ‘This is my song, really?'”

The incident happened more than a day before Ye releases new single, “Easy,” referring to his ex Kim Kardashian and their children and also featured violent lyric engaging Pete Davidson, who the reality star has been dating since the fall.

TMZ Posted a video of what it looked like after the said argument, showing a man lying on the sidewalk while Ye yelled and arguing with an unknown woman who tried to calm him down. He told her, “I’m your family.” TMZ reported that the woman was his cousin.

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