Kanye West Yeezy: Creative director Katelyn Mooney chasing nearly $100,000 fee for SHDZ photoshoot

A Brooklyn-based creative director has filed a lawsuit against Ye—formerly Kanye West—claiming he owes him $100,000 for a photo shoot he did days before the rapper sent /designer his Yeezy brand on fire.

Freelancer Katelyn Mooney said Yeezy employees contacted her on Sept. case filed in Manhattan Supreme Court on Wednesday.

Mooney claimed that he was promised $110,000 for the shoot that took place on Sept. and post-production” the filing says.

The lawsuit says that representatives from Yeezy confirmed these details via text message and on the day Ye arrived at the shoot, modeled his SHDZ sunglasses, and left in the afternoon.

About three weeks ago on Sept. 28, Mooney issued his invoice to Yeezy for a total of $110,000. The company told him that day that it would “release the payment at once [sic] get permission [from Kanye West].”

Five days after issuing the invoice, Ye sent models down the runway at his YZY Paris fashion show wearing ‘White Lives Matter’ shirts, which ultimately led to him dropping all corporate sponsors .

Mooney, one of the many people involved in Kanye West’s downfall, says he only received $15,000 of what he was owed and that he “had to take out a significant loan and max out his credit cards just to pay.” his rent etc. bills.”

His lawyers said that this “abuse of an independent freelancer is exactly the type of exploitative behavior that FIFA is implementing to address.”

Kanye West’s net worth tanks

The timing of the invoice coincided with Ye’s conspiratorial and anti-Semitic fallwhich reached its peak when West appeared in Alex Jones’ Infowars to say he loved the Nazis.

The biggest loss for West was the end of his partnership chicken feet.

After West mocked the German sportswear giant by saying he could be anti-Semitic all he wanted and still not drop it, Adidas had no choice but to cut ties with the rapper and his brand. .

After Adidas dropped Yeezy, the brand’s valuation plummeted and $1 billion was drained from Ye’s net worth.

More financial problems could be ahead for West after that NBC News reported on Wednesday that Yeezy Apparel also owes about $600,000 in unpaid state tax debt to California.

The debt has accumulated over the past two years, and according to tax law experts, the amount of money owed could be a sign of deeper issues in the company.

“Many tax liens in California, adding up to $600,000, that’s a sign of either serious incompetence or serious money problems,” said USC Gould School of Law Professor Edward McCaffery. NBC News. “That’s kind of an Amber Alert for the financial health of the business.”

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