Karlovy Vary to Honor Russell Crowe | Festivals and Awards

The New Zealand-born actor started as a film and television performer in Australia at the age of 6, honing his skills until moving into movies in his 20s with films like “The Crossing” and “Romper Stomper.” In 1995, he made his American film debut in Sam Raimi“The Quick and the Dead.” While Crowe later earned an Oscar nomination for his performance in “The Inside,” he would truly launch himself into film stardom as general-turned-swordsman Maximus Decimus Meridius in Ridley ScottThe historical epic of “Gladiator.” The role will give the brash actor with a brain pulse the Academy Award for Best Actor, marking a remarkable run that will include another Oscar nomination, this time for “A Beautiful Thought,” and more stars in “Cinderella man,””3:10 to Yuma,””American Gangster,” and “State of the Game.” He has found recent success in character-driven roles that test his range, from “True History of the Kelly Gang” to “The Pope’s Exorcist.”

To celebrate his Crystal Globe win, Crowe will perform with his band Indoor Garden Party at Karlovy Vary’s opening night concert. The festival will also present a special screening of Peter Weirthe historic epic of seafaring “Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World.”

At the festival, one of the most famous Czech actors of the past decades, Daniela Kolářová, will also receive the KVIFF President’s Award

Other items of interest for this year’s festival include a celebration of contemporary Iranian cinema (films of Nader Saivar“Endless” by Faeze Azizkhani, “The Locust,” by Danesh Eqbashav “Zapata,” “Dream’s Gate” by Negin Ahmad, etc.) and a retrospective of the renowned Japanese filmmaker Yasuzo Masumura, which will include movies like “The Blue Sky Maiden ,” “Pakgipsal sa Una ka Asawa,” “Sagol Tanan,” “Blind Beast,” etc.

KVIFF will also return with his traditional festival trailer which includes a short bit filmed with a past Crystal Globe recipient. This year, they chose the controversial actor Johnny Deppdirected by Ivan Zachariáš.

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