Katy Perry Slows Down Luke Bryan Over Statements About Her Leg Hair

Katy Perry did not feel the need to wear skinny jeans to cover her legs, no matter what any of the star’s companions thought.

The 36-year-old “Teenage Dream” star shared footage of her Instagram Story on Sunday, May 9 in an exchange between herself and Luke Bryan on American Idol set In the video, the 44-year-old country singer seems to be asked by Katy to be extra careful about shaving leg hair.

“I know you’re a mother and all, but we have to do the leg hair part,” smiling Luke told the camera.

Katy then slipped the camera up to her leg, revealing that there was a display of subtle hair. But he made it clear that he had no intention of prioritizing body hair removal.

“No, I don’t have time!” Katy responded enthusiastically, quoting her busy schedule little girl Daisy Dove. “I’d rather hug my daughter!”

Luke apparently tried to reinforce his point by starting to say, “It’s literally …” But in the game Katy played him by shouting, “Yes!”

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