Katy Perry Was Not Impressed By Orlando’s Mother’s Day Giving Her

A third follower wrote, “best response to a Husband / lover!”

Orlando may be comforted to know his original post has not been ignored, as Demi Lovato it was answered by three crying while laughing emojis.

Clearly, Katy and Orlando have a relationship game where they can gossip and ridicule around to each other. After all, his comment here reminds one that Orlando himself wrote his post from last month while he showing off a new hairstyle.

“Baby,” the Pirates of the Caribbean The actor said at the time, “We’re all out of oat milk.” That is, perhaps Orlando has nothing to blame but himself for setting up the irrelevant response.

Still, Katy took the time to share her excitement about Mother’s Day in her own way. On May 9, he tweet, “I found everything I was looking for when I became a mother. very grateful for the deep, deep love and honored to join the mama club. happiest Mother’s Day.”

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