Kesha’s “Only Love Can Save Us Now” Looks to a Higher Power

Kesha dropped another preview of his fifth studio album, Gag Order, just a few days before its release. Titled “Only Love Can Save Us Now,” the new song finds the singer turning to a higher power during tough times.

“Only Love Can Save Us Now” opens with electronic production before switching to acoustic guitar in the chorus as Kesha praises the power of love while backed by a gospel choir. In the track, the singer also refers to legal issues faced him in the past decade: “I got sued because my mother tweeted / Don’t tell me I’m dealing with reason.” Stream it below.

“I have an extreme dichotomy of emotions, fluctuating between pain and love. Chaos and love. Fear and love,” Kesha wrote. Instagram about the track. “I want my song ‘Only Love Can Save Us Now’ to sonically, lyrically, and emotionally reflect the severity of my mental pendulum swings.

He continued, “The world is so overwhelming sometimes. It takes a moment of surrender. The craziness of life makes you crazy. If anything, ANYTHING, can save us, I believe that only love can save us. This song is a desperate and angry prayer. A call to light when all feels lost. “

Gag Order out this Friday, May 19; pre-orders continues. Follow-up until 2020 Long Road includes previous singles “Eat Acid” and “Fine Line.”

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