Kevin Spacey’s Peter Five Eight Buy in Cannes

Kevin Spacey is trying to get back into the world of movies after sexual assault and false allegations, as his latest film, Peter Five Eightis scheduled to appear in front of Cannes buyers.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film will end with Spacey in a lead role, and will be screened on the Cannes market. Not much is known about the film, though a brief description says that Spacey plays the role of Peter, a charismatic man in a black sedan who appears one day in a little , mountain town.

Along with Spacey, the film also features Jet Jandreau, who plays Sam, “an attractive real estate agent who is revealed to be an unstable and troubled alcoholic with a dark secret,” and Rebecca De Mornay, who plays Brenda, is one Peter pointed to for information. at the behest of his shadow employer, Mr. Lock.

The film was reportedly shot in September 2021 in Siskiyou County, California, and according to director Michael Zaiko Hall, Spacey had no problem with the set. “Kevin was a joy to work with, kept all the laughter between the picks, and gave what I thought was a shocking treat for his fans,” Hall said in an email to The Hollywood Reporter.

For Spacey, this will mark his second film set to go on sale at the Cannes Film Festival, along with his other – 1242 – Gateway To the West – also appeared on display ahead of the planned start of production in October 2022.

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Once announced as a legendary actor, Spacey’s career came to a halt in 2017, when he was accused of making sexual advances with 14-year-old Anthony Rapp (an actor who appeared on a Broadway show with Spacey) in 1986. Several allegations emerged after that, which led to Netflix severing its relationship with Spacey in their planned film. Goreas well as removing him from the final season of the series House of Cards.

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