Key Glock’s ‘Proud’ Is Our Rap Song of the Week

Every Friday, our new music feature Rap Song of the Week around the hip-hop tracks you need to hear. View the entire playlist HERE. This week, Key Glock recalled Young Dolph’s later “Proud.”

After the Memphis icon Young Dolph is shot and killed in November, he thought of his cousin and protégé Key Glock, who had been silent a week earlier Instagram disclosure that he struggled with the death of his teacher and constant companion, whom he called Phil Jackson his Michael Jordan. A few months later, the 24-year-old rapper seems to have picked up the pieces.

Today (January 21), Dolph’s label, Paper Route Empire, released a tribute album titled. Long live Dolph, featuring “Proud,” Key Glock’s tribute to Dolph. Due to the threatening trap production from BandPlay, the Key Glock is coming in terms of loss, weaving in and out the beat of its relentless run. Offering a look at his new state of mind, Key Glock opens the track by rapping, “I lost my dog, I lost my mind, no lies, I’m really lost inside / I can go back to the blood, but still, I can’t go back in time. ”

Knowing that there is no other option but to move forward, Key Glock promises to keep it PRE for Dolph, despite being plagued by revenge fantasies. Like anyone in his position, Key Glock was caught up in self-medication (“I tried to drink the pain, sippin’ line after line ”), but also considered what his deceased aunt would think of how he did. deal with the pain. .

Resolved to keep Dolph’s name alive, Key Glock knew he needed to continue the PRE legacy through music, and “Proud” was just the beginning. With the consistency shown by Key Glock in projects like the one recently released Yellow Tape 2, there is no doubt that he has what it takes.

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