Kim Kardashian’s Go-to Spray Tan Artist Shares Tips To Shine All Year

E !: For people who want to apply a self-tanner instead of a gradual lotion, what are some things to keep in mind to minimize blemishes and uneven color?
IA: If you look at your hands and your feet, don’t put tanner directly or even on its globe. a tanning mitt. However, you want to use the rest of the mitt to get a realistic color saturation.

Finally, you can even apply the tanner with a makeup brush, just mix it with a very nice kabuki makeup brush. Make a bear claw motion with your hand and use that brush to get between the webs of your fingers. Using a makeup brush to look at your hands and feet is a very good technique.

E !: When can I use that kabuki brush on my tanning?
IA: It’s great for small areas, like between your fingers. It’s great around your lashes and to blend your tan in the small area between your hand and your palm. That’s an area that can easily change. The brush helps to smooth the light.

You can use a makeup brush on the contour, adding a little definition to your arm. So, if you flex, wherever that muscle line is, contour that area with some tanner and the makeup brush. It is also good for contouring the face. Just use that little bit of excess product you have left, make a fish face, and place it on your cheekbones, around your forehead, and you can bring it to your neck below your forehead.

You can also create an abs, which will add a definition to your pelvic area.

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