Kim’s Mother Sally Dies and Sojaboy Usman Is Thankful

Kim Menzies revealed that her mother Sally died via an emotional Instagram post on Tuesday. Sally featured in 90 Day Fiancé with Kim.

Kim Menzies took to Instagram to share with her mother Sally, who features on 90 Days Bride: Before 90 Days season 5 with him already dead. The 50-year-old Kim stars in 90 Day Bride spin-off with Usman Umar, 32, whom he met as a fan via DM. Eleven months later, Kim wants to give Usman’s relationship a test, so he’s now on his music video set with him in Tanzania on the show’s timeline. While fans thought Kim should think twice before dating Usman, who was part of an early time with his ex-wife Lisa Hamme, Kim’s mother Sally supported of her daughter’s decision and wished her well.


Kim admits that she loves Usman but she doesn’t know if she wants to be in a relationship again with an older, American woman. But Kim sacrificed a lot to go to Zanzibar to spend three weeks with a man who thought she was a “potential”Friend. In the beginning, Kim introduced herself as the primary caregiver of her mother Sally. from San Diego Kim is alone with her mom who had rheumatoid arthritis in her hip, which left Sally unable to move. “My mother was my best friend. I loved him to death, ”Kim, confessed of her time 90 Day Bride debut. She wasn’t afraid to admit that she lay down on the street for her mom. Kim feels guilty that she left her mom alone at home even though a close family friend would take care of Sally back then.

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Sally, on the other hand, has become a fan favorite for her honesty and humor. “I just hope this is all good for you. Because otherwise, I will go… I will seek him, and I will beat the folly out of him., ”Kim’s mom warned her in episode 1. On Tuesday, Kim She announced her mom’s disappearance in a heartfelt Instagram post. Niini, Kim told him 90 Day Bride fans, “My mom died last night. No one can understand how close we are to him. ” She shared many sweet photos of herself with Sally and wrote that her mom was her #1 supporter besides her best friend. “I have missed you all my life but I know you are always with me and my heart. I love you Mommy. 💔❤️ ”Kim added in her emotional message.

Meanwhile, Usman also used Instagram to share a picture of her staring at Sally in a video call. He wrote, “RIP MAMA 💔 🕊️ 🕯️ 🙏🏾 and tagged Kim in her story. more 90 Day Bride Kim’s co-stars left their condolences for her mom under her IG update. “I’m so sorry! Our hearts are with you. ❤️, ”posted by Kenneth Niedermeier. Meanwhile, Kim’s friends are Jasmine Pineda and Memphis Sandoval also wrote, “I’m so sorry you lost my Kim ❤️ ”and“Raise your head Kim you will still be watched by your mother as you continue your journey!”For their beautiful cast member.

Kim humbly told her likes in the comments she didn’t ”answer every phone call or message during this time. ” However, Kim thanked them all for their “words, prayers and thoughts. ❤️❤️❤️ ”Fans found the bond between Kim and Sally strong, making it a difficult road forward for Kim. Some felt terrible that Kim had to go through pain while 90 Days Bride: Before 90 Days filmed. While trying this time in Kim’s life, fans hope she can handle it the help of his son Jamal and Sojaboy.

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Source: Kim Menzies/Instagram, Usman Umar |/Instagram

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