Kings Of Comfort Announces New Album Peace or Love, Streaming “Rocky Trail”

After 12 long years of occasional performances but mostly silent, Kings of Comfort finally returned. The Norwegian folk duo, consisting of Erlend Øye and Eirik Glambek Bøe, are back today to announce a new album. It’s called Peace or Love and it will end on June 18 via EMI. Celebrate the news by streaming the main single “Rocky Trail”, which they share alongside a video, below.

Peace or Love is the band’s fourth studio album overall, following well in 2009 Expression of Confidence. The new record consists of 11 tracks in total, including “Rocky Trail” and two more songs – “Love Is a Lonely Thing” and “Catholic Country” – which are said to have seen Kings of Convenience with only one. Feist, according to Apple Music.

The “Rocky Trail” will also take to the right where the Kings of Ease stop. It’s peaceful, detailed, and beautifully intimate – the kind of solo where acoustic guitars bloom with exotic flower arrangements combined with delicate sound combinations. “It’s another classic Eirik composition that skillfully ignores the verse-chorus-verse blueprint,” Erlend said of the song in a press release. “It’s pop music, but not as far as we know.”

In the accompanying music video of the song, directed by Detour, Kings of Convenience will be seen performing the song in an open, white studio space. The building is full of minimalist artwork, growing plants, and smiling friends circling around the band while arranging various items in the interior. It’s all shot at once, giving the feeling of a fun hangout that leaves you feeling the little moments of life.

Pre-order for Peace or Love now the band continues website, including a limited edition white vinyl press. Check out the cover artwork and full tracklist after the jump.

Peace or Love Artwork:

Peace or Love in Kings of Convenience album artwork cover art

Peace or Love Tracklist:
01. Rumors
02. Rocky Trail
03. Tucking My Hair
04. Angel
05. Love Is A Lonely Thing (feat. Feist)
06. Hilanat
07. Killers
08. Asking For Help
09. Catholic Nation (feat. Feist)
10. Song About It
11. Washing Machine

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