Kitchen Island with Open Shelving

The kitchen island is the heart of the home.

We built a small, starting house to sell, and most importantly a nice kitchen island that did everything, stored everything, while looking great. Here is what we thought:

In the “work” part, it has a sink, a trash can with a drawer / drawer knife – so it became a prep center – and a dishwasher – so it became the center of washing dishes.

kitchen island with open shelves

On the seating side, we added open shelves (which also added countertop space) and placed items on the countertop. Here you can place everything from serving dishes to board games, charging cords, laptops-even snacks, paper plates, craft supplies.

We extended the countertop about 6 ′ ′ to the open shelf – so you can sit down too and eat there.

We also added chairs at the end of the corbel, not only to make more chairs, but also made chairs in a corner for better conversations and less bad homework help.

We tried very hard to make this a beautiful island to be loved by the new homeowner. And we share free plans, so you can do it too!

Video Tutorial on this Kitchen Island Build

We’ve put together a quick video to create, so you can see the steps that happen.

And the free plans for this project are below. Thanks for using our plans, we appreciate your trust.

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