Kylie Jenner Shares Travis & Stormi’s Photos For Rapper’s B-Day

Kylie Jenner shared a series of previously unseen photos of herself and Travis Scott and their son Stormi for the rapper’s 29th birthday on Friday.

Continuing the Kardashians Star Kylie Jenner shared some adorable photos of her daughter Stormi with Travis Scott for her birthday on her Instagram Story. Travis turned 29 on Friday. Kylie was not included in the unseen photos.

Kylie’s older sister Khloe Kardashian was ridiculed by fans his birthday post for Travis. While Kylie simply posted a series of photos of her Story on Instagram, Khloe dedicated an entire post to Travis ’birthday, which fans found a little strange. . To make matters worse, Travis also doesn’t follow Khloe on Instagram. Many don’t know that Travis is still close to close family. The entire post is called “shame“in Khloe’s name.

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Although Kylie and Travis have a bad relationship timeline for the past four years, they have both continued co-parenting Stormi as their number one priority. Kylie took him Instagram Friday stories to wish “Stormi’s father“a happy birthday. Kylie posted five unseen photos of the duo’s daughter. The first part of Stormi holding Travis’ arms while playing, what it looks like, the his toy.The two sat on a large pink shaped chair surrounded by stuffed animals, balls and many more toys.Stormi confirmed how much he looked like his father in the second photo shared by Kylie.The black-and-white shot caught Travis holding Stormi outside, both as if they were screaming in excitement.

Stormi stood tall and proud next to Travis in the hallway for the third photo. She threw on the all -brown dress, which was previously seen on her mother’s Instagram page. The 3-year-old smiled big for the camera with his eyes closed. The photos continue to get cuter and cuter. The next shot shows Stormi and Travis getting dressed as he kisses his father’s cheek. The photo looked to be taken around the holidays like a piece of a Christmas tree seen in the background. The last picture was probably taken recently because Travis was wearing a Covid mask on it. She held her daughter while eating the snack staring at something in the distance. They look like they are in a kind of zoo or outdoor attraction. Although some Fans think Kylie and Travis recently got back together, that rumor seems untrue considering that Kylie was not shown in any of the birthday photos she posted.

While it remains unknown if Kylie and Travis will actually be together, one thing is for sure: the two actually know how to be good parents to be with Stormi despite the state of their relationship. Stormi and Travis definitely share some precious daughter -father moments as seen in Continuing the Kardashians gallery of star photos.

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