Kylie Rogers on Beau Is Afraid, Yellowstone, and More: Podcast

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Kylie Rogers sat down with Kyle Meredith to talk Beau was scaredthe new A24 film starring Joaquin Phoenix and directed by Ari Aster.

The actress talked about her first impressions after reading the script, which was a bully in Phoenix, and had to chug yogurt for an intense scene. He also revealed that he watches David Lynch Blue Velvet to get into character for the film.

“In describing the character in the audition, it described Toni as Dennis Hopper if he had TikTok,” he explained. “It was the first time I watched a movie to be the character, and it was a different experience.”

Rogers also described the time he met BTS and the shared love of K-pop he has with his character, as well as the future stardom. Landscape with the Invisible Hand and continues to describe the young Beth in Yellowstone.

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