Lala Kent reveals “Mother’s Most Fearful Part” in the Relatable Post

This isn’t the first time Lala has opened up about her experiences as a new mother. Just last month, he was detail some of the “most difficult days” with his newborn daughter.

“I know some foods can hurt my kids’ tummy, but never really worried, ”she shared on Instagram Stories on April 27.“ I have vegan food for lunch, cauliflower, and etc. I’m sure you all thought ‘you’re a fool, foods give big people! … “

“Ocean was screaming, crying and screaming, from morning till night,” he continued. “I had a clue after my second feed, and moved from the boob to a bottle with saved milk.”

The Bravo star admitted that he became emotional, recalling, “I cried when it was time for bed — yes I was tired, but mostly because he finally started to heal around 10pm already, I really felt like I was done. that’s my pretty girl. “

“We were asked to have luck now, that I pumped all the vegans out of these jars of milk,” he added.

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