Lance Bass Shares Thoughts on Fatherhood at Twins’ Red Carpet Debut

Who won the red carpet? It will happen Lance Basschildren!

On February 4, the singer and husband Michael Turchin attended the 10th anniversary celebration of Gold Meets Golden in Beverly Hills. They brought two guests to make a most adorable—and accidental—red carpet debut: Their twins Alexander James and Violet Betty, 15 months, who also stole the show during a family interview with E! news

“It’s just great to be out. We’ve never been together, especially in a public forum like this. They’ve never been on a red carpet before,” Lance said of the twins, adding, “We didn’t I know there’s a red carpet! I could have made them look better.”

Alexander, who was brought by the singer, was dressed in white Red Hot Chili Peppers T-shirt and khakis, while Violet, carried by Michael, wore black Rolling Stones tee and blue jeans.

Sharing his thoughts on fatherhood, Lance told E! News, “Being a father is the best thing ever. Everyone always tells us that but it’s true that this life is so much better with these kids.”

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