Lauren Bushnell Reacts After Being Called “Sick Look”

According to the Bachelor Nation star, he even “has a bunch of bloody deeds done because society tells you that if you don’t fit into a certain mold — there’s something wrong with you.” Explaining that reading messages that embarrass the body is to “convince me that there is something [sic] I was wrong, ”Lauren said“ she spent a lot of money on lab work ”because she was“ convinced ”that she was sick.

“All is well,” he assured fans, as test results showed that he was “relatively low on Vitamin D.”

The Nashville-based influencer ended his note by urging people not to “comment on women’s bodies,” saying that “there are many too. [sic] this and also a huge amount of emotion that comes with all of this. ”

During the Q&A session, Lauren also opened up about her mental health since welcoming Dutton, her first child, in June. When asked by a fan about her “postpartum anxiety,” Lauren replied that she felt “much better thanks for asking.”

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