Learn to Enjoy Life with Your Spouse

Most of us enter marriage with high expectations. We dreamed of long walks in the neighborhood every night and long walks to the beach in the summer. We thought every day would be romantic and exciting.

But somewhere between “I do” and “happily ever after” everyday life is set in a predictable routine. And by “predictable” I mean “mundane” or – dare I even say – “boring.” Soon, we are struggling under the “when” and “if only” of life.

  • When the baby sleeps all night, life will be better. ”
  • When the kids are in school, we have more time together. ”
  • If only possible we have a bigger house, we have people.
  • If only possible I have a promotion, so we can go on vacation. ”

When and if… and life can be good.

But what if we can find joy and satisfaction in our marriage in everyday life?

In Our Focus on Family Broadcast ”Learn to Enjoy Life with Your Spouse“Alexander Kuykendall will share the results of a nine-month experiment he went through to rekindle his love of what he calls” ordinary life. “

Alexandra selects nine areas of her life that she wants to improve, then focuses on a new one every 30 days for nine months. Here is how he describes them:

  1. Lower It. How can you keep quiet on the day of prayer and listening to God?
  2. First Things First. Does your morning routine set a positive tone for the day?
  3. My Peeps. When you are with your family, do you spend quality time together, or are you just in the same room?
  4. Be Kind to My Body. You take care of the physical needs of your children, but do you take care of yourself?
  5. Wild Release. How do you approach your daily routine in a way that mixes things up and puts your day in a whole new perspective?
  6. Pushing the Piles. What can be done to bring order to parts of your home that are not organized, whether it is laundry and dishes or the family budget?
  7. Love Is in the Detail. How does God encourage you to be creative? Planting? Writing? Painting? Cooking? Music?
  8. Three times a day. Family meals don’t have to be gourmet feasts, but homes are smoother if you have a plan, even if it’s sandwiches.
  9. I Was Made to Do Great Things. If you keep your passions to a minimum each day, there is something enriching to look forward to each day.

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Alexandra Kuykendall’s book Loving My Real Life: An Experiment to Enjoy What Is in Front of Me available for a gift of any amount. Visit our website for more information or call 1-800-A-FAMILY (232-6459).

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