Lego Announces 2 More Mario Lego Sets

Lego took Mario Day to announce two new Lego sets based on Nintendo’s biggest franchise. The brick building company has revealed a new set of Dry Bowser and teased one that also involves Donkey Kong.

As shown in the video below, this 1,321-piece Dry Bowser set is the main focus and was released on August 1 for $109.99. Senior Interactive Play Designer Didier Agani provides a walkthrough of the castle, showing its secret routes, a Toad in danger, the “boss” fight with Dry Bowser, Bowser’s gym, and a key block the people that can be scanned with Mario to open a secret block at the base of the castle. And since this is an expansion, it works with other Lego versions of Mario, Luigi, and Peach, but they are not included here.

The video also hints at what’s to come, as shown by a Lego Mario riding a Lego Donkey Kong. It has not been revealed what exactly this set will be, but it will be released sometime in the summer. More details coming soon.

The rest of the celebration video will go through the giant Bowser set, which will be released in 2022, and the 14-foot tall version that has risen in some places around the world.

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