Legoland New York, the Park, Hotel, and Experience

Legoland New York, the Park, Hotel, and Experience

First, let’s start with a disclaimer, I know my amusement parks. Growing up in California, I used to visit. But as a mother living on the East Coast, amusement parks are never as big of a deal in California. Am I an amusement park snob? Look. But when LEGOLAND New York Resort announced that they were opening here in New York, well, it changes the game. It’s a great deal, especially for people like me, where visiting amusement parks is about their childhood attire. And now that we are adults and a 12 year old getting vaccinated, we are heading to LEGOLAND!

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Legoland New Resort

Most parents will admit that taking their children to an amusement park is something that love hates. You want your kids to have this fun experience, but they will go wild, which can be stressful. I also have to think about my son being Autistic; two summers ago, we went to a particular park (think mouse ears), and it wasn’t good. That’s why I was worried about this visit to Legoland. Some parents with children with ASD will share, doing anything to your ASD child can be challenging. But if a park is bright, and its foundation is based on building bricks and is okay with kids running around, the stress you bring with visits can be minimal, and the experience can be easily enjoyed.

The Legoland expert

As I visited Legoland Park in San Diego, I found that this park was much more manageable, and the view around the town of Goshen was breathtaking; indeed, bring the camera.

There are seven ‘lands.’ You can zig-zag and visit the rides you want or start from park ni enter and work your way -looping your way through the park.

  • Brick Street
  • Bricktopia
  • LEGO Castle
  • City of LEGO
  • LEGO Pirates
  • Miniland

Our favorite ride was Lego Factory Adventure Ride, all contained in Ninjago, ug Splash Battle (prepare wet) like the one in California. My youngest is over The Wharf, which is a fun ship class toy.

Legoland Mini-Land

Of course, LEGOLAND is about legos, most of them, and Mini Land doesn’t fail. ‘Land’ has ten destinations from around the world of 22,231,368 -ish Lego Bricks. It’s amazing, but when you get to the ground in New York, it’s amazing the detail and love that is set in the most famous places in all five New York City towns, like the Statue of Liberty and One World Trade Center. I really don’t want to give it all away because it’s so special to see the art in IRL’s works.

Eating at Legoland

Children need to eat. Lots of food options, like pizza and pasta at Brickolini’s Pizza & Pasta, smokey Brick-B-Que. We brought snacks for our picky eater and ate at Ninja Kitchen.

The Legoland Hotel

We went big and stayed on The LEGOLAND Hotel. The check-in process (can also be done online before your visit) is contactless, like an airport check-in terminal (minus the line). The fun will start right away in the lobby with Castle PlayScape as well as a Lego Workshop. Picture the kids running around, playing with LEGOS while the parents frolic around the bar area. There was no sight of the people as my son climbed around them. Hey, it wasn’t a weekend spa- we picked one up for the team, so appreciated the bar.

The content is based on LEGO theme content – Pirate, Kingdom, LEGO NINJAGO, or LEGO Friends. We stayed in the interior with the Ninjago theme; the children’s treasures sought in the interior, played with Legos carefully stored in their Ninjago beds. The hotel has hotel entertainment every night, and breakfast is complete for hotel guests at Bricks Family Restaurant. A pool (open to availability), a fitness center, and hotel facilities such as a laundry service can also be found at the hotel.

Happening Today: Halloween Spectacular

With the claim and every Saturday and Sunday in October, from 3pm-6pm — families enjoy Brick – or – LEGOLAND Treatment The Halloween Brick-or-Treat on Halloween at the New York Resort

  • Live Entertainment and Shows
  • Meeting Character and Greetings
  • Clothing Contest
  • Dance dances

And, of course, Deception or Treatment! Happens now until October 30th.

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