Let Kim Kardashian Give You a Tour of Her Stunning Home Garden

Fruit trees, vegetables and flowers—oh my! Can you keep all the things in Kim Kardashianthe big garden at home?

the Kardashians star gave fans a virtual tour of the expansive outdoor space at her California property on her Instagram Stories March 8. As Kim showed off her plants—which include artichokes, Hass avocadoes, Anna apples and Minneola tangelos—she said , “I love my garden.”

But this is only a small sample of foods growing up in his home in Calabasas.

“How Armenian I am to grow apricots,” Kim wrote as followers looked at her tree. “And more Armenian when I grow pomegranates.”

She also showed off her flowers, adding that they included “fresh jasmine that smells so good!”

In fact, the place seems like a real oasis for Kim. “An afternoon walk in the garden,” shared the founder of SKIMS as he continued his walk. “We’re going to start picking some fruits. There are so many wonders.”

And as Kim says, she’s also enjoying her harvest, posting a photo of the “freshly cut” greens gathered.

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