Let Viola Davis Give You a Lesson on Self-Love and Beauty

And this includes accepting imperfections.

“Back then,” the actress continued, “we hid our pain behind the perfect application of lipstick and wax floors. Now we don’t do that anymore. We say this is who we are, beyond makeup and hair. I saw that. I saw that in my daughter’s generation.”

And Viola also practices what she preaches, as she passes on these words of wisdom to her 12-year-old self. Genesiswhich she shared with the husband Julius Tennon69.

“I told my daughter this morning that she needs to have some love for herself,” The WIND the actress explained. “That he was really the love of her life. I said, ‘I love you, but not me, this is not a man. At the end of the day, you can’t let yourself down. You have to promote yourself. You have to to show him.'”

Viola says self-care doesn’t come from glamorous spa treatments or a glass of wine.

“‘It’s to show when someone hurts you,'” he said. “Create boundaries and if someone crosses them. Show yourself.’ No one taught me that. I feel like loving myself is something to be proud of. No, that’s right.”

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