Lil Nas X Says “Fuck BET” on New Song “Late to da Party”: Listen

In recent weeks, Lil Nas X was vocal about the fact that he received zero nominations for the 2022 BET Awards. The rapper criticized the social media network, and posted fragments on an unreleased song that includes the lyrics, “Fuck BET.” Today, Lil Nas X has officially shared the track, with a feature YoungBoy Is Not Broken Again. It is called “It’s too late for the Party”And you will hear it below.

Released by Lil Nas X a trailer for “Late to da Party” before the release of the single. It contains the following message:

Now, in a galaxy far, far away ….


Episode I


NBA YOUNGBOY is under house arrest, on the isolated planet HATU. Brutal Empire of Terror (BET) betrays LIL NAS X, turning his back on him after using him for power.

In the turmoil of the music industry, the galaxy is looking for heroes. NAS must use the ancient power of VIDEO EDITING to free YB and defeat the evil BET before time runs out …



“Late to da Party” is the first piece of Lil Nas X’s new music since he dropped his debut album Montero in 2021. Earlier this year, he done a medley of tracks from the LP— “Dead Right Now,” “Montero (Call Me by Your Name)“and”Child of Industry”—Sa the Grammy Awards with Jack Harlow. He was set to start his Long live Montero Tour in September.

BET announced the full list of 2022 nominees on June 1. Lil Nas X has posted several tweets since being removed from the topic (as reported by outlets such as different and The deadline), with the unofficial snippet of “Late to da Party.”

On June 7, the actor tweet, “it’s nothing more than a no-bet award it’s about the bigger problem of homophobia in the black community, you can sit back and pretend all you want but imma risk it’s all for us.” When someone pointed at her 2020 Grammy winshe tweet: “This is my point exactly how can I be acknowledged by the most recognized award show in the world and not even just one nomination from my own people? Isn’t that crazy? Am I really tripping.”

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