Lisa Kudrow shares Captive Photos of Son Julian to Celebrate His Birthday

Lisa Kudrow may not be in the same place as his son Julián, but he still found a sweet way to celebrate his birthday.

On May 7, the Friends alum taken from Instagram to share several photos of his own FaceTiming with the 23-year-old filmmaker, who recently had his brief The Thought is done screened at the Portland Comedy Film Festival. Lisa’s caption posted, “FaceTime with my son to say GOOD DAY !!”

Lisa’s friends are sad about Julian’s birthday in the comments section. Jennifer Aniston writes, “Happy Birthday, Juls !!! Yesterday felt like your arrival.” Courteney Cox added, “Happy Birthday Julian !!”

Courtney’s ex -husband David Arquette, which also shows a period of Friends, in which she accidentally finds Lisa’s character Phoebe Buffay, writing, “CHEESE AND CRACKERs !!!” which, as if it were a comedy of sorts among the stars. Lisa also wrote, “CHEESE AND CRACKERS !!! Julian’s first guffaw courtesy of the amazing David Arquette !!”

Scandal star Dan Bucatinsky, who is also similar to Lisa’s performance, also made sure to send Julian love, writing, “H appy !! B irthday Julian !!!” The same goes for that Whitney Cummings, who nodded at Julian’s film career. “Omg happy birthday!” he posted. “Can’t wait to work for him one day!”

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