Listen to deadmau5 and YTCracker’s Hacktivist Anthem, “Antisec” –

death 5 joined forces with YTCracker for “Antisec,” a gritty hip-hop and electronic hybrid from now through its former mau5trap label.

YTCracker is a popular nerdcore rapper and former hacktivist (a portmanteau of “hack” and “activist”) with ties to the notorious hacker group Anonymous. The title of the new track comes from AntiSec Movementa cyberspace group opposed to the computer security industry.

As the track begins, YTCracker kicks down the door and marks his territory: “I was the de facto leader of a movement / Screaming ‘hack the planet’ back in ’99 / hacktivism at its height.” From there, his brazen bars run across a canvas of deadmau5’s heavy-hitting bass and spacey arpeggios.

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