Listen to Louis The Child’s Dreamy Future-Pop Single, "The dawn"

There is a new day on the horizon for Louis The Kid while the duo’s bright future is in focus.

The Chicago-born producers put a new spin on their upcoming pop signature with the release of “Daybreak.” The new track includes their naturally playful and punchy production, delivering dreamy floating feelings. Elaborating on an angelic vocal tremolo effect, Louis The Child embraces the sounds that capture the spirit of this present moment in electronic music.

The uplifting collaboration with singer-songwriter Zachary Knowles showcases his silky-smooth vocal delivery as he waxes lyrical about finding comfort in a potential partner. The single marks Louis The Child’s second of the year following the rather somber “Over You” with Njomza. Listen to “Daybreak” below.

There’s even more in store for the dynamic duo in 2023, as they recently announced the return of “Another self,” a take on Brooklyn Mirage where multi-alias producers play a set as their own gritty, club-centric alias Black Marble. They will also headline another back-to-back set as Louis The Child with a special guest to be announced.

Supporting acts on the August 19 edition of “Alter-Ego” include JOYRYDE and Snakehipsand so on. ticket now sold out.

You can stream “Daybreak” HERE.



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