Listen to this Rip of GN’R, AC / DC, Nirvana Songs

Introduced the Fart Pedal, the guitar pedal that makes sound noises.

Yes, a pedal that farts is one thing, thanks to Chicago maker Steve Gadlin. He crushed his $ 30,000 Kickstarter purpose to fund the first 250 units.

If you want to soften the lower end of your guitar tone, or make music that sounds like a literal ass, look no further. Gadlin also shared compelling sample playthroughs of iconic songs from AC / DC, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, and Gun N ’Roses.

Imagine, completely controlling your breath to the tone of “Sweet Child O’ Mine. ” There’s even a knob control to adjust the “gas” volume and a switch for “wet” or “dry” output.

Gadlin was right when he said that the lice sounds made by the pedal “that’s not the running of the grinding mill on Spencer’s Gift fart machine.”

“I work with an award-winning sound design company in Chicago to develop bespoke, traditional lice sounds, for which I hold an exclusive license,” he said via the Kickstarter page. “These sound effects are customized especially for a guitar amplifier, and are played for exceptional live or studio performances.”

For the antics out there, the pedal has “fake” decals so you can cover the Fart Pedal as a basic stomp box for an unobtrusive guitarist and watch the hilarity ensue. To finish off, the pedal comes with a special “can o’ beans, ”because you eat more…

Check the Fart Pedal in action below.

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