Lois Lane Knows Superman Will Never Die (And She’s Right)

Superman has a problem, but Lois isn’t worried – because she knows that even death can’t kill the Man of Steel

Warning: there is a problem for Action Comics # 1030

Superman always endangers everyone whether saving the world or fighting terrible enemies from beyond the stars, but Lois Lane knows what many comic book readers have known for decades now: Superman will not die. on Action Comics 1030, written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson with the art of Daniel Sampere and the colors of Adriand Lucas, Lois and Superman sharing a moment in the face of Clark Kent’s uncertain future. Clark didn’t want to upset Lois – and it was good that he didn’t.

Superman has trouble getting started Action Comics 1030. After running a training program run by Batman, it is clear that Superman’s speed and strength are not at their usual power levels. Batman and Atom disagree on the prophecy (Batman, as usual, has a prepared worst vision), but it cannot be denied that Superman is weaker than ever. completion Superman swears by his friends to hide, Clark flew to Lois, studying Kryptonian history at the Fortress of Solitude.

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Lois is fully aware of Clark’s constant de-powering. However, even with Batman’s numbers, he wasn’t worried, and Clark noticed. “Smallville,” he began. “If I really thought you were going to die, I wouldn’t be okay anymore. But I’ve been here many times. Even real death doesn’t kill you. Whatever happens in your power, you beat it like you defeat everyone. You are always the only one in any universe. ” They hugged Lois and Clark, ending the kiss. As one of the constant interests of the love of comics, Lois Lane sees Superman at his strongest and weakest. completion Superman and Lois share the same story, no wonder he was no more worried than Clark; he saw her rise from more serious situations.

Lois isn’t crazy to mention that she’s been through this before. Superman always faces death, but in this case, Lois probably means the famous Death of Superman story in 1992, which remains the earliest Superman to die canonically. He returned after a year (put him in a long sleep state during bedtime), but the shock was real, for both Lois and readers. But maybe there’s another reason why Lois believes Superman won’t die: Superman has been observed to live until the very hot death of the universe, as seen in Immortal Wonder Woman # 2. However, just because Clark won’t die doesn’t mean the two will stay together – Superman is always captured, imprisoned by higher beings, and remembered during the Future State, trapped in Warworld and forced to fight in gladiatorial combat.

Jonathan Kent’s story, which deals with Damian Wayne on the same issue, may prove bad for Lois and Clark: he tells a rumor about a Kryptonian ship that his father took before he died. – before the recorded history of Superman abruptly ended. In fact, Superman hears an ancient Kryptonian prayer coming from one of the ships at the end of the issue. While this is true Superman not die quickly, it is possible that in the future, the distance may separate Lois Lane and Clark Kent if death is not possible.

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